Oil & Gas service

  • Global Maintenance
  • Turbines & Rotating Equipment
  • Expert Boiler Repair and Maintenance Services
  • Compressor
  • Water treatment & RO plants
  • Generator
  • Valve‘s
  • Technical Support

VPT Egypt has been active in the Oil and Gas industry since 2010, representing leading global companies and contributing significantly to the sector's development. The company, characterized by its affiliation with Discovery Personnel, emphasizes continuous progress, innovation, and excellence in production and services. Their diverse portfolio encompasses manufacturers, engineering consultancy, fabrication and contractors, specialized process technologies, chemical and equipment supply, and other professional services focused on the upstream and downstream oil and gas sector. Over the years, Discovery Oil has demonstrated a commitment to high-quality products and services, adapting to evolving market demands, leading to its prominent position in the local oil and gas market. The company has also expanded its services to energy-related sectors and other industrial organizations while maintaining a strong focus on customer satisfaction. VPT Egypt operates a dedicated freezone area in Ataka, Suez, Egypt, facilitating efficient shipping, equipment maintenance, and service delivery.

Global Maintenance is an integrated services package provided by the company targeting the sustain preservation and optimum regularity of client assets up to its mission-ready operational conditions, with ultimate care to minimize cost, optimize quality, eliminate/reduce HSE-related risks, limit equipment failure costs and boost consistency with operational requirements.

For more than 20 years, VPT has been providing global maintenance services for various companies to perform:

  • Maintenance Engineering
  • Maintenance Planning (CMMS) and Implementation
  • Execution of Maintenance Programs (Corrective, Preventive & Proactive) for Electrical, Instrument, Mechanical, Static Equipment.
  • Major Equipment Overhauling & Turn-around
  • Execution of Upgrading, Expansion and Modification to Existing Facilities
  • Material Management & Stock Control
  • VPT has a long history of significant investment to develop its capabilities in the area of Turbo Machinery. We manage the clients' requirements by utilizing local expertise jointly with OEM representative to facilitate the clients' operational needs.


  • Provision the services of turbines overhauling and maintenances.
  • The services of turbines exchange utilizing the signed agreements with multiple OEMs such as (SOLAR & GE & SIEMENS).
  • Upgrading the turbines control systems.
  • Delivery original spare parts
  • Full technical support by our field service engineering
  • Material Management & Stock Control
  • Our experienced field service engineers are trained to optimize the efficiencies and operations of boiler plants. With knowledge ranging from operator training to tuning combustion control systems, our service is unlike any other in the industry

    Our principal objective is to work with customers first to provide preventative maintenance that keeps their boilers up and running in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible. However, we are fully equipped to satisfy both full service and emergency response, as needed

    Along with being skilled in removing and replacing tubes and other large components, we currently hold ASME certifications in power boilers, unfired pressure vessels, and pressure piping. VPT, also holds a pressure vessel inspector repair stamp

    VPT responsibility does not end at the sale of a compressor package. We are able to provide spare parts and services for our delivered compressors

  • Installation, start-up and commissioning
  • VPT can perform installation, commissioning and start-up of compressor systems and overhauling. Our engineers have all the required training and certification to commission compressor packages both onshore and offshore

    We Provide a Full Range of Wastewater Treatment Plant Services For Your Business

    VPT and his partner WOG Group is create a low-cost wastewater treatment plant. We make use of innovative, eco-friendly technology. expanded its water treatment system from domestic to Industrial sectors. The mechanisms make sure that no water will be wasted and that the environment will not affect. We are dedicated to developing long-term solutions for industrial wastewater that is released into bodies of water. This will aid in environmental protection by treating and rendering any hazardous chemical substances soluble. The wastewater treatment plant will process organic and inorganic pollutants, as well as all other impurities.

    Extend the Life Span of Your Generator

    As a national, one-stop generator maintenance and repair provider, Unified Power understands how much your business relies on your generator. We provide planned maintenance and repair services for industrial generators in both standby and prime power applications utilizing diesel, natural gas or propane. Our preventive maintenance services will help your facility avoid unplanned downtime and costly generator repairs by providing the opportunity to catch potential issues early on. In addition, these services ensure that you remain compliant with the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 110 code for generator services and testing

    During maintenance, our technicians will check, clean and test generator components as needed to ensure they are functioning as intended, bolstering overall reliability. They will also check the generator’s housing and wiring for any signs of damage, measure fuel level and advise you when more fuel is needed to ensure you have adequate runtime available

    Oil and gas operations ranging from refining to distribution, are significantly reliant on pipeline systems. Infrastructure and trustworthy control systems are therefore crucial in the business. In this scenario, oil and gas valves are essential to ensure the safety of the industrial operations of pipelines.

    We have companies with the largest valve manufacturers in the world to ensure a reliable supply of valves to our customers

    VPT engineering service provide comprehensive consulting, engineering design and developing manuals and procedures services for Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Power and Industrial sectors.

    VPT engineering services blend practical experience with the latest advances in technical and standards aspects utilizing a pool of resources.

    Scope of Application:
  • Piping and Layout
  • Electrical
  • Instrument Controls
  • Civil/Structural and Architecture
  • Pipeline and Stress Analysis
  • Storage Tanks and Pressure Vessels
  • Operating Manuals and Procedure