Operation & Maintenance

Due to our extensive experience in Aeroderivative and Heavy Duty gas turbines, we are specialized in operation, maintenance and repair of your gas turbine. We offer cost-effective solutions, scoped to your operational needs. Our service department engineers deliver on-site maintenance and repair, which reduce downtime and potentially upcoming problems can be identified, before they may result into damage, or worse a complete shutdown of your power plant.


Our standard inspection includes: Gas turbine and auxiliary maintenance & inspections Borescope inspections Combustion inspection Hot gas path inspection/Hot section exchange Gas turbine major overhaul Read more about the complete overview of our services for Aeroderivative and Heavy Duty gas turbines

Service Agreements (LTSA, MYA, FWA)

You also have the option of a Service Agreement, providing you with our full support on guaranteed availability, advice, regular inspections, maintenance and repairs on gas turbines and the balance of plant. Within the agreement, we make sure your gas turbines will be continuously serviced and maintained in order to optimize your cost of ownership. The borescope inspection is integrated in the agreement.

Repairs / Engine exchange

In the unfortunate case of a damage on your equipment you will be looking for quick and cost efficient way to get in back into operation. Our field engineers can repair or replace damaged parts on location. In case of extensive damage, or a long repair time, we can perform a part or an engine exchange and repair your part or gas turbine in our workshop which has all the required equipment for handling all types of Aeroderivative and Heavy Duty gas turbines. From our large stock of high quality spare parts, we can offer you new parts or repaired parts which are well documented, inspected and tested